Team building tips

If you want to develop a successful team building, you need to plan the whole thing earlier and very well. You also have to be creative, so you must be wondering how to plan a team building that suits all staff members ( Below are some tips to make your team building successful.

Consider volunteer work

Look at your colleagues if they have always been willing to volunteer at particular activities, some people love to do so while others don’t ( If your team is willing, you can organize an interesting one for them.

Schedule the activity during work hours

It’s evident that no one would love to spend extra time in the office, especially in the evening or over the weekends, it’s advisable that you schedule the event on a workday, even for at least two hours, you can host the event at lunch or breakfast and not in the middle of the day when everyone is busy.

Gather feedback

Tell all your members earlier, and then make sure you collect feedback a few days before the event takes place, thank all participants for their time, and let them give you feedback about the activity ( It’s useful to get feedback as it helps you when planning the whole thing.

Go off-site

Sometimes it’s good to break the monotony, get out of the workplace and do the team building somewhere else, this allows your colleagues to chat freely.

Encourage collaboration, not competition.

If there are contests to be participated in, some employees will try hard to win, failing to learn anything, so it’s good to choose an activity that encourages everyone to come together and not to compete.

Planning a team building is as simple as that’s so long as you have the tips, it doesn’t take time so long as your group members are ready. For team-building to be interesting, members should be active and ready to participate in any event.

Team building tips