Awesome Outdoor Team Building Activities

Team building aims to educate employees and promote teamwork as they interact freely and learn details about each other. Team-building activities should be both fun and as engaging as possible.

Looking for team-building activities for your employees or friends to participate in and have fun as they bond? We’ll discuss 4 outdoor team-building activities that any group can participate in.

1. Human Knot

The human knot requires 8 to 20 people and it usually takes about 15 to 30 minutes. This is a disentanglement puzzle that makes people in a circle untie the puzzle without releasing hands.


• The first step is for players to form a tight circle to be close to each other.

• Each player spreads their hands and holds two different people across the circle, excluding the two people on either side. Right hand to hold right and left to hold left.

• Within the set time, the group untangles the knot of the arm without releasing hands.

2. Scavenger hunt

This activity requires two or more small groups and it takes about 1 hour. It aims to see how well a group can work together to complete various tasks.


• Divide the players and form several small groups

• Give them tasks such as finding hidden items or participating in various activities such as taking a picture of various objects.

• Set time and find which group completes the tasks first.

3. Perfect square

To do this activity, you need 5 to 20 people, and it takes about 15 to 20 minutes to complete. This activity aims to see how well team members can collaborate.


• Get a long rope about 5 meters and tie the ends together.

• Place the rope on the ground and allow the players to hold it in a circle.

• Blindfold the players and ask them to move five steps backward.

• Finally, ask them to move forward while still having their blindfolds on and form a perfect square with the rope.


To make team building fun and educative through and through, always find new and exciting activities. Incorporate different types of activities and set prizes for the winners to motivate the players. A happy team is a healthier team!

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